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We are here to make you better. No mater what!

What if I don't have insurance?

We accept most forms of primary medical insurance and Medicaid. We will check with your insurance for you to see what options are available, if you don't have insurance, Rolling Recovery can assist in getting you set up with insurance.

​Medications are paid for at the pharmacy. Most medicines are covered by insurance. If prior authorization is necessary, we will complete it and coordinate with the pharmacy.

What insurance is accepted?

We take all forms of Kentucky Medicade. Please call us at 502-690-4286 to see if your commercial insurance plan covers treatment.

The following Inruance Plans Cover our Treatments:

Traditional  (Medicaid) MCd

Passport MCD

Anthem KY MCD

Wellcare MCD

Aetna Better Health MCD

Humana MCD

United Healthcare MCD

All of the insurances will pay for GOP.  

The ones listed above and 


Anthem commercial and Medicare

Humana commercial and Medicare

United Healthcare commercial and Medicare

Cigna commercial

Aetna commercial and Medicare

Wellcare Medicare

Forms of Payment

We accept all forms of payment.

Need A Ride?

If you ever need a ride, please reach out to Rolling Recovery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will pick you up, no questions asked. Please call us for a ride at 502-528-4604.

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