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My & My Father's Story

New Leaf Clinic is here because my father, Micheal T. White! 


He was committed to recovery and to helping others. It is because of his recovery that we are in a position to carry forward a vision to positively impact those who have the same struggles. 
I am a product of West Louisville, raised by a single mother. My father struggled with addiction until I reached the age of 10. I remember the day he decided, for the last time, that he would stop using substances. Thank God for that day. I remember visiting him at the Talbot house, walking down to the Dizzy Wiz, and him being as silly as he could be. My sister and I walked with him down this journey of recovery. We accompanied him to eye-openers on Saturday mornings as we listened, year after year, to what recovery did for us.
We had our father back, and our father had his life back. He did everything to the best of his ability. Our lives transformed over the years from one of poverty to one of opportunity. He flourished in business and recovery. He was co-founder of a Sober Living Home for men, before he passed in 2016 from cancer, he was 20 years sober. With his blessing and wisdom, he reviewed my business plan, and I started New Leaf Clinic in 2017. 
Like with recovery, New Leaf Clinic grew slowly, borrowing office space one night a week from his America's Finest Filters warehouse. To flourish, we knew we had to take chances, dive in full-time, and find a suitable location. Our office manager, Nikki Cheatham, quit her job of 7 years to take a chance to make an impact through New Leaf Clinic.  The clinic was founded with passion and the intention to make a difference.
We work tirelessly, helping to break systematic and unique barriers for each person who comes through our program. I know firsthand what recovery can do, not only for that individual but for all of the lives that they touch. 
We care. 

Dr. Teresa Walker

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