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Community Resources

Together, We Can Make a Bigger Impact.

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Local Resources

Choose Well

Seeds of New Leaf

YMCA Safe Space


Greater Louisville Inc.


Isaiah House


AVENUE Recovery                      



Prisoner's Hope

Play Cousins Collective

UofL St. Mary & Elizabeth

Reclaim Recovery

Shawnee Health Services

Family Health Services

Change Today Change Tomorrow


Robert Alexander Center

The Robert Alexander Center for Recovery is dedicated to providing evidence-based, high-quality addiction treatment for residents in Kentucky, and beyond. For those looking for detox and inpatient treatment, Robert Alexander Center accepts most commercial insurance plans and is an excellent place to contact. T

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Partners in Safe Shelter

Beacon House for Men

963 S 2nd St

Louisville, KY 40203

Erin 502-581-0765

Graceful Living for Women

1714 W. Kentucky St.

Louisville, KY 40210

Tandy 502-387-1456

Hope Sisters for Women    

647 S 23rd St.

Louisville Ky 40208

Marquita 502-472-6992

KAAP (LUX House)

313 S 41ST ST,

Louisville, KY 40212


House of Grace 

3318 Greenwood Avenue (Female)

2806 W. Chestnut St. (Men)

Louisville, KY 40211

Regina 502-445-1119

Reggie 502-445-1118

Reclaim Recovery (Male)

2604 south fourth street,

Louisville, KY, 

(502) 377-3050

New Legacy (Male)

1115 Garvin Place 

Louisville, KY 40203

Gisela Neson cell 502-500-3930

Office 502-276-0660

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